About the artist


Rafael Ferreira (b. 1982, Brasilia, Brazil) is best known for his drawings and paintings showing characters in deep introspection and powerful states of presence and confrontation intended to trap the viewer and generate a strong emotional impression.
His interest in graphic art has been a long life passion and has led him to pursue constant experimentation in techniques and materials. He spent his childhood in Brazil but has lived most of his life in Costa Rica. His South America and Central America roots have influenced his work in the form of expressive and colorful works.


Rafael Ferreira’s ideas start with a combination of sketches, collages or digital artwork intended to reach a composition that expresses the emotion planned for each work. The final design is then sketched on to a paper, canvas or wood surface and reinterpreted with the use of the final selected technique. Once a work has been sketched in the final surface the development of the final work requires deep analysis and observation of how the materials behave upon application and what shapes are naturally created.

In the creation process I seek for ways to allow materials like gesso, oil painting with different amounts of mediums, sand paper, fabrics, paper and charcoal to behave in ways that are not fully under my control. Material natural properties and behaviors play an important part in the creation process and are intended to contrast with pre planned designs, ideas and sketches.

The duration of each work varies from short periods of time up to a year depending on the technique and size of each work and depending on the complexity of the conceptual design.